About Us

Yay, you're here! 

A bit about us.. 

I'm Kendall, and my other half and I live in Edmonton with our two dogs Cooper and Mya. We enjoy finding new local eats, watching sports and exploring the outdoors with our doggos. I am an all-things-local lover and that is how Twine&OAK was born. 

A bit about Twine&OAK...

I frequent markets, and have always been drawn to the wooden pieces found at them, but always had a secret thought of "I can do that myself".

I tried my first piece, and let me tell you, I could not do that myself. It was HARD. Since then, I have diligently and passionately worked at perfecting my craft and am very proud to produce quality, lasting products. Twine&OAK's pieces are now featured all across Canada. 


If you choose or are considering Twine&OAK, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to continue doing what I love. I can't wait to create for you!